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For over four decades, the Journal for Preachers has stood as an unwavering pillar, providing preachers worldwide with an indispensable wellspring of wisdom. As ministers committed to the craft of preaching, we recognize the significance of sermons that reflect meticulous biblical study and thoughtful social analysis. The Journal for Preachers serves as an invaluable resource, curating articles and sermons contributed by esteemed scholars and preachers from across the nation.

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Published quarterly with timely releases coinciding with Advent, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost, our journal is meticulously crafted for preachers seeking more than just sermon material – it’s a thoughtful and useful companion. Each issue unfolds a tapestry of provocative articles delving into theological reflections, cultural issues, liturgical seasons, and social concerns. The essays within the Journal for Preachers are carefully curated to feed preaching that is not just profound but also challenging, engaging preachers in a lively discourse on the matters that resonate deeply within the art of preaching.

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Erskine Clarke

Publisher & Editor Emeritus